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Somatic Midwifery

Bodywork with Midwife Peter


I’m Peter, a midwife by profession and bodyworker.

Here you are on the page of my bodywork.

I work on all kinds of sexuality-related topics and I would like to show you exactly what that can look like.

Hands on sexuality

The core of my bodywork is called Sexological Bodywork. This is a creative, lively and process-oriented type of support for potentially all research fields of sexuality. “SexBod” sees sexuality as embedded in the human being as a whole and takes physical aspects into account just as much as psycho-social, mental or biographical aspects. Methodologically, SexBod moves somewhere between holistic bodywork, sex therapy, somatic coaching and sex education.


For me, this is the central concept of my work. Physical contact is often the starting point for change. This may be touches from you, from me in the sessions, or from people in your love and sex life. If we become aware of these touches, there is a deep potential for transformation, where deep-seated issues are also touched.

All bodies are welcome

For bodywork, it is important that you have a body. What is not important, however, is which body you live in and which identities you fill it with. All gender identities, all ages (from adult age), all abilities and all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

Bodywork in Schwangerschaft und Stillzeit

As a midwife, I naturally focus on pregnant women and those who have recently given birth. Although my bodywork is also aimed at other target groups, supporting the sexuality of people in the phase of having children is still an important part of it.

Here are a few typical examples of how bodywork might be of interest to you.

The possibilities are not limited to this. All topics that affect your sexuality or your body images and sensations can be addressed.

My offer is not limited to pregnant women and those who have recently given birth, but as a midwife, this is naturally my main focus. (I will be publishing a more general page soon and will probably link it here.)Basically, I work on a wide range of sexuality topics, although the latter should be understood very broadly. For example, it is also a lot about body images and sensations or experiences in the past that need to be transformed in order to experience sexuality positively. The whole process of becoming pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, etc. naturally has something to do with sexuality, even if we as a society are increasingly making it more mechanized. Sexuality issues can influence pregnancy and birth and vice versa.

I would like to list a few examples below of what could be typical initial questions. However, somatic work is completely tailored to the individual process, which is why such a list can never be anywhere close to complete.

What exactly is Sexological Bodywork?

Client-centered work and the Code of Ethics

Working with sexuality issues, especially bodywork, is always very sensitive and I try to be cautious and attentive at every moment. The encounters are always client-centered. This means that you can influence the design of the conversations or the touches at any moment and shape your own process. I am more of a companion, perhaps even a pioneer, but not the one who determines the path. You keep this role.

My activities are subject to the ethical understanding of the European professional association for sexological bodywork. You can view the guidelines here. On the eaSB website you can also read a little more about the specific “SexBod” field of work.
There and in many other resources, Sexological Bodywork is primarily defined by the diverse problems that people come to us SexBods with.

But SexBod is also great for people who feel they have a beautiful and colorful sexuality. Here I like to offer a safe framework in which you can experiment and try out a lot in order to make your love and sex life even better and more colorful, or to simply get to know yourself even better as a sexual being.


Bodywork for everyone!

Starting points for Sexological Bodywork

I actually don't know my body well enough to live my sexuality in a self-determined way.
I've always wanted to know what ... feels like. I need a research partner!
I've always wanted to know what ... feels like. I need a research partner!
I am increasingly realizing how unhealthy certain patterns in my sexuality are.
I am afraid of sexual contact. I shut down when contact becomes too intimate.
There is more to sexuality for me. I am not yet living up to my full sexual potential.
Giving myself completely to my desires scares me.
I have pain during genital or anal touching or penetration.
I feel desire, but I don't live a sexual life. I don't think I have found the right path for myself yet.
I'm realizing more and more how unhealthy certain patterns in my sexuality are.
I would like to develop more love for myself in order to feel more secure with others.
I don't have a particularly good relationship with my body.
People regularly cross my boundaries because I don't know them very well or can't articulate them well.
I can't say what gives me pleasure or desire.
I have experienced sexual trauma in the past and am looking for a way to transform it in my body.
I am in psychotherapy and am still looking for somatic work to support me.
I would like to expand my sexuality in certain areas and try things out, but I need a safe framework to do so.

If you identify with one or more of these sentences, I would like to invite you to get in touch right away. The first step is an open-ended phone call in which we see whether I am the right person for you. After that, you can take your time and feel inside yourself whether you really have a clear yes to a first session.

Let's get in touch

To contact me, you can fill out the following form in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Feel free to also send me a message to my phone.
Since I also work or travel abroad from time to time, please also consider web-based messaging such as iMessage, Telegram or Signal.

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It might be helpful to add your address, or at least the "Kiez" where you're living. I'm covering mainly Prenzlauer Berg and the surrounding districts.